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Santanu Chakrabarti

Santanu Chakrabarti ( aka camerawalah)
Howrah (near Kolkata), India

Market area near Sealdah station, Kolkata

It was a bright autumn day with only patches of clouds here and there. The market was bustling with activities. Suddenly there was a downpour. No one was ready for it, so everyone started running for a shelter. The umbrella was supposed to protect someone from rain, but no one thought of taking its service. So it was getting soaked in rain lonely.
As a street photographer I am interested about the titbits of daily life in my city.

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2 Responses to “Santanu Chakrabarti”

  1. Anamitra Chakladar says:

    Lovely evocative image.

  2. Amit Dasgupta says:

    As such, rains or no rains, everyone is always hankering for a shelter.

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