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Review – Connections Across a Human Planet, Book of the Week

What happens when you get an incredibly talented group of photographers together? Great art, of course. What happens when those photographers are merely strung together by pixels and have not even met in real life? Well, when it comes to the shared vision of photographers from Photojournale and Fotovision, you get Connections Across a Human Planet, an extraordinary collection of photographs taken worldwide.

The photographs feature cradle-to-grave moments. Hard-hitting, moving, poetic, stark, illuminating, and disturbing – it’s all there in black and white, and color. The book is engrossing and beautifully sequenced, no mean feat given that this was all done virtually.

John Horniblow, one of the book editors, says, a project like this “underscores the possibilities of borderless and global initiative that is personal and local without the loss of identity.” He’s right – the photographs highlight each photographer’s style and point of view, as well as the unique bearing of each of their subjects, and yet in total the photographs form a powerful narrative.

Many of the photographers will meet for the first time at the book launch on March 30, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the University of California Berkeley School of Journalism Library. All are welcome. There will be a lecture, slideshow, and book signing. Many more celebrations are planned around the globe, so check here for details.

Once again, wow. We look forward to more books from this talented collaboration.

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