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Jonathan Taylor

Hitman 04blog

Jonathan Taylor
Bangkok, Thailand . British national

Suspected gangland members await trail at  Bangkok Noi’s police lock-up. The police officer’s nick-name is Rambo he is renowned as Thailand top gang buster.

Jonathan Taylor  has lived in Asia  for 18 years. He is a two  time Time Cover Feature photographer. This image comes from the Time feature Ya Ba , Thailand’s war of drugs. Jonathan Taylor is the only, to date, photojournalist to photograph Thailand’s crystal methamphetamine addiction and the surrounding violence in depth.
His ability to gain access into the murky underbelly of Bangkok’s narcotic slum culture and illustrate the lives and deaths of the users, pushers and police as the battle that came to be known as “The War On Drugs Policy” left dead on the street as a daily occurrence. This body of work earned him worldwide praise. Taylor’s Ya Ba photographs were published by many of the leading international publications including a Time Magazine cover feature.

Jonathan is also cover photographer on many major international publications. His recent work was exhibited in London’s prestigious Tate Britain gallery. Currently the founder of Bangkok based Photography School Asia http://www.photograpgyschoolasia.com

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  1. I was searching for photography when I found your site. Good post. Thank You.

  2. Wow! Looks like he even had access from the inside of the cell. What a great photograph.I am going to look up Jonathan Taylor, so I can check out more of his work.

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