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Ertugrul Kilic

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Ertugrul Kilic
Paramaribo, Suriname ( Turkish national )

Javanese Muslims at the end of Ramadan pray during Eid ul-Fitr at Onafhankelijksplein (Independence Square) in Paramaribo,  Suriname / South America.

Approximately % 15 population of Suriname are Muslim Javanese. Javanese people “imported” from another Dutch colony: Indonesia (the former Dutch East Indies) make up 15% of Suriname during Dutch colonization.

They were at Onafhankelijksplein (Independence Square) at 23rd of October 2006 for their holy pray at front of two historical colonial buildings of Suriname “Presidential Palace” (AKA White House locally) and “Clock Tower”

The scene is one of uniqe moment and rarely available biggest Islamic worship in South America.

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