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Hacked by AlfabetoVirtual

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All Eyez on me! Aqui o chicote estala fio..
Estou fora de mimizinhos de grupinhos to fora.
Gr34tz: Team Hack Argentino - P4r4d0x Cr3w - PurgatoryBR

Agnieszka Balut

Agnieszka Balut

Agnieszka  Balut

Agnieszka  Balut Brasil, Poland, Svizzera Polish “Life in the slums- Waiting for help” has been done in the Compound of the Tide -“Complexo da Maré” /Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil, during the distribution of food to the poorest of the poor. Luis, a boy what you see in the picture, in the crowd of women, come [...]