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Publisher’s Notes

Photojournale  – Connections Across A Human Planet

Vevey, Switzerland, Sept 2009

The most prominent theme that surfaced over the early years of Photojournale is the connectedness of the human existence across or planet and the inter relationships we all share in common. It shows, with all encouragement and perseverance, the similarities we share cross culturally, regardless of the geo political or geographic boundaries that define our interactions and physical planet.

The collection of photos selected in “Connections Across a Human Planet” has been drawn from a number of stories. These are our human stories, our commonalities, and our truths.  The selection is not only drawn for their beauty, or their technical excellence, but out of the essence they capture, the story they tell, in a captured or latent moment of time, somewhere across our planet. I feel these stories and moments are universal and can be understood by everybody across the globe.

The connections we share are endemic truths. The photos in “Connections Across a Human Planet” share an immediacy of these truths. They are compassionate, energetic, sometimes fun and celebratory, at other time confronting. However, they do draw us into participating in rituals, emotions, and needs that define our humanity, wherever we are in our human planet.

This book would not have come to life without some very special contributions.  Lisa Hogben,  Mike Fox, Erica McDonald   gave their time as photo editors , assisted by Santanu Chakrabati. Peter Barwick on the art direction, cover design and digital pre press advise. All the contributing photographers with out whom Photojournale – Connections Across a Human Planet would have no reason of being or we would fail to see our inherent connectedness, with further particular thanks to Igor Sherman and Yaniv Nadav for their inspiring work  that make the covers of the book.

John Horniblow

Publisher and Editor

Photojournale  – Connections Across A Human Planet

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