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Anamitra Chakladar

The Acrobat
Anamitra Chakladar
New Delhi, India

Anna , a Ukrainan gymnasts is getting ready to perform on the high wires. She does this act three times a day. Just as in other parts of the world The Indian Circus is about small ambulant circuses that have all but disappeared in the western world. This photo is from a  series looks into a small circus and it characters. Today Indian circus is a far cry from the glory days, strict animal control laws, high real estate costs and televsion soaps have drawn people away from Indian circus.

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4 Responses to “Anamitra Chakladar”

  1. Monte Swann says:

    Nice Anamitra, I would like to see more from this project. How was Der Schweitz?

  2. Arvind Hoon says:

    Anamitra DADA, this is sublime. Would like to see more from this series..

  3. anuradha shome says:

    beautiful,very artistic.

  4. Pradeep says:

    very nicely done. liked it much.

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