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Agnieszka Balut

Agnieszka Balut.Life in blogAgnieszka  Balut
Brasil, Poland, Svizzera

“Life in the slums- Waiting for help” has been done in the Compound of the Tide -“Complexo da Maré” /Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil, during the distribution of food to the poorest of the poor. Luis, a boy what you see in the picture, in the crowd of women, come from poor families in Brazil. Like many other children in this neighborhood, is sick. Because of poor parenting, lack access to medical expertise.”Complex Maré” is not a slum, but a complex of slums, different communities together, as if they were distinct neighborhoods, forming one informal city, with about 150,000 inhabitants.

This quarter of slums, is considered as area, most lacking in civic service and most dangerous of the city. Conflict in the “Complexo da Maré” it is not among the communities, but among the different factions of the drug traffickers and of the organized crime, dividing the slums with their territorial disputes. Rival factions battling daily, between themselves and the police. These battles, affecting directly daily life of the residents.

The beginning of the occupation in the area of “Complexo da Maré” begins in the 1940s – the period of greatest proliferation of slums in Rio de Janeiro. A comparison of the slum with the myth of the labyrinth is inevitable. In many civilizations, the maze is the symbol of passage to enter the new world or a new state of mind. But there is a big difference between the slums- favela and the mythical Greek labyrinth designed by Dedal – the architect. The slum has no plan before, it was not conceived, designed. Labyrinth – favela is more complex, because it is not fixed, finished, is in constant transformation.

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